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There are no fees for any Legal Aid service. However, at times there may be fees that courts charge for filing a case, and they vary depending on the situation. For some types of cases, like divorce, the courts allow you to apply for Civil Indigent Status. This means that if you meet certain financial criteria and the Clerk of Court approves your application, filing fees may be waived. Consult the Lee County Clerk of Court website to learn about filing fees.

No. If you need legal advice, you must first apply to see if you qualify for an in-person appointment with one of our attorneys.

Yes. The Lee County Legal Aid Society’s focus is on children, and every case we accept for direct representation is accepted on the basis of income, need and whether there is a child whose life will be impacted. We give special consideration to victims of domestic violence.

Direct Representation means an attorney will be assigned to your case and represent you at all court hearings and proceedings.  We also offer advice and counsel in select cases. Advice and counsel means an attorney may meet you for an hour in our office about your case.

You may be disqualified if you have a documented history of violence, including violent felonies and domestic violence injunctions.

Yes. We can also provide advice and counsel. For all other legal matters, please visit us at the Self Help Center.

Many of our community partners are government agencies, but we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Call us at (239) 334-6118, tell us where you live, and we will refer you to assistance in your local area.

No. We address child support only when it is one component of a larger family law case. If the only issue in the case is child support, generally that is not a case we accept for direct representation.